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Soccer Football World Cup


足球世界杯弗里克是最好的任意球的足球比赛。选择一个团队,并发挥对其他足球国家队。足球弗里克有四种游戏模式:目标,时间攻击,沃尔和枪战。所有四种模式提供大量的足球乐趣。您也可以购买一些电源UPS,以获得额外的动力,多余的曲线,或者一个漂亮的分数倍增。玩足球现在轻拂,享受打进很多进球的乐趣! 下载足球弗里克现在开始播放最惊人的足球游戏! 产品特点:
- 4个游戏模式。 - 超过14支球队选择。 - 3种不同的电源ups。 - 直观的游戏。 - 伟大的图形。

Soccer Flick World Cup is the best free kick soccer game. Choose a team and play against other soccer national teams. Soccer Flick has four game modes: Targets, Time Attack, Wall, and Shootout. All four modes provide lots of soccer fun. You can also buy some power-ups to get extra power, extra curve, or a nice score multiplier. Play Soccer Flick now and enjoy the fun of scoring lots of goals! Download Soccer Flick now and start playing the most amazing soccer game!
- 4 game modes.- Over 14 teams to choose from.- 3 different power-ups.- Intuitive gameplay.- Great graphics.